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Windows Community to Benefit from a Single Applications Marketplace

Fairfield, IA, April 1, 2011: Staff at Fairfield Professionals met with insiders at Microsoft and Sun Microsystems who spoke of work on a new operating system. Our contacts told us that work on the OS would be announced publicly in a matter of weeks. “We are so excited about what it does for our customers we wanted to speak out". The new operating system is code-named “Roundup”. Roundup will be a far reaching new release of its long-lived windows operating system.

The main feature of RoundMS-Roundupup will be the new “Corral” marketplace. (Not to be confused with Corel Draw). Corral will be a place for all Microsoft customers to easily purchase, install, update and uninstall all desktop and server applications. Developers will receive free software development kits (SDK) and application development, marketing and sales (ADMS) tools for the new Roundup operating system. These kits will allow developers to easily create, market and sell new applications for Roundup. These kits will also automatically upload and market developers’ applications on the new Corral Marketplace. The world-wide Windows community will be able to easily find, select, purchase and install applications of all types, business applications, back-office, home productivity and games. "Our customers will be happy with the ease at which they can find and purchase their applications all in one place, the Corral Marketplace" said our contact.

In order to protect customers Microsoft has developed a subsystem called “Posse”. Posse will collect all stray windows applications and make sure they are available to be installed removed and purchased through Corral. For the security of customers, applications and executables not conforming to the secure Corral Marketplace will be sent to the new security subsystem referred to as “Slaughter”.

RoundupMicrosoft’s upcoming operating system featuring Corral Marketplace

Corral Marketplace – Roundup’s new marketplace for all new windows applications to be distributed, purchased, installed, updated and uninstalled. For the joy and good of customers, Microsoft will provide this one-stop-shopping place for a small 30% fee.


Posse – Collects all stray Windows applications and makes sure they are available through Corral.


Slaughter – Subsystem for all unsecure and dangerous applications which will not conform to the Corral Marketplace.


Generally Modified Objects – Will add core code enhancements to all applications, programs, drivers etc. which are not written by Microsoft making them stronger and able to run efficiently on Roundup. GMOs will be release to live freely on the Internet and private networks working to help developers discard their old code yearly in order to build or buy new code for the Corral Marketplace.


Roundup Ready – A certification label for applications which are ready for the Roundup Corral Marketplace. Non-Roundup Ready applications will be enhanced by the Generally Modified Objects system.

Prod – For the safety of users who repeatedly install non-Corral applications on their Windows PCs and servers the new Cattle Prod applet will provide gentle reminders. While voltages will be kept below life-threatening levels, they will be increased linearly in proportion to the number of non-Corral applications detected.

In an upcoming press release from Bill Gates, the Chairman is expected to say “Our customers and developers will be thrilled after all these years of having to look for solutions in multiple places. Roundup will be so good for them."

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