Chart of Keyword Value Going DownSEO is all the rage in web strategy. Determine what keywords lots of people search on and presto, you're a winner. The masses will come and you'll be rich. Well, maybe on paper.

Okay, maybe not. You'll at least be popular. Or could it be that you'll have a busy server. Yeah, that's a minimum. Let's start from the foundation. Your server. Hosting services are analogous to market traders (human or automated) who get commissions on your every trade. Load that server up and the hosting services get more business.

Then there is popularity. Some people buy highly traded stocks under the impression that if so many people like them, they must have a future. Highly traded stocks are "popular" but may not necessarily make money for you. Are we considering the potential conversion rates of those clicks we are sending to our pet products website by purchasing ads for the word "Molly Sirus"?

Other analogies to consider:

  • Diversification
  • Speculation
  • Due diligence
  • "Under water" when your keyword investments are greater than their resale value.
  • Trading Price (of keywords) go up and down just as stocks do
  • Being ahead of trends. (not relying on Google keyword listings. That's too late.)

At some point we're all going to realize that simply creating desirable, compelling, unique content will draw people in by it's very nature. At that time, many of the popular keyword "stock prices" will tank and those who invested in meaningless content based upon popular keywords will be "under water".

Quality SEO has its place as part of complete product marketing, strategy and development processes. First listen to your target customer to determine their current pains and desires. Then determine which pains/desires can be alleviated which which of your products/services. Adjust those products and services as needed. Finally enhance your web presence to cater to that target audience. Search Engine Optimization must take into consideration the current needs of the target audience. Relying on keywords simply because they are popular is like purchasing a stock because its trading volume was high yesterday.

Fairfield Professionals combines the Fortune 500 expertise of its executive team with the deeply creative individuals who call America's heartland their home. After 30 person-years guiding web site creation and web businesses we have come to realize that web sites simply automate the sales cycle for your product. Web technologists see the automation part, but typically they do not see the mechanics of the sales cycle. Our trademark RevBoost process improves your ecommerce revenues with a decisive four-step process based upon the traditional sales cycle.

Remember the sales cycle your father used to tell you about?


"Deal with the world the way it is, not the way you wish it was." John Chambers
"We need some ability which allows us to envision the objective from afar, and this ability is intuition." Henri Poincare
"In order to have judgment, you have to have knowledge and experience." - Nancy Pelosi (D, California)
"If you're building a product or delivering a service that solves a real problem, you can do well and grow fast." Marina Hatsopoulos
"You already know the answers. You just don't want to hear them from yourself." - Sunny Vanderbeck
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