CardSortSmallIowa’s Department of Natural Resources called upon Fairfield Professionals along with prime contractor Infinite Computing Systems to redesign its public website. The site had a vast amount of information, but users struggled to find useful content e.g. a local campground that offered fishing. We started with interviews and observations to determine the best information architecture for the complex site. 




To determine the best information architecture (IA) for the new site, we performed both live and online card-sorts with 28 participants including the following activities:

  • Identification of sixty content items via:
    1. current site analysis
    2. analysis of Google Analytics data
    3. analysis of online survey to identify popular search goals
    4. rewording content to clarify meaning.
  • Creation of materials for the card sort
  • Moderation of live card sorts, both individual and collective, with twelve individuals split into four groups of three.
  • Organization of on-line sorts using WebSort
  • Analysis of sorting results to produce a new, more intuitive information architecture for the site.




"Deal with the world the way it is, not the way you wish it was." John Chambers
"We need some ability which allows us to envision the objective from afar, and this ability is intuition." Henri Poincare
"In order to have judgment, you have to have knowledge and experience." - Nancy Pelosi (D, California)
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