User experience professionals should work closely with software developers as well as business analysts throughout a usability testing engagement.  This collaboration should transfer knowledge both directions.  UX professionals need to learn about users and their tasks;


business analysts and developers need to learn about usability testing.  If they can conduct their own testing, quickly and affordably, then there is more feedback on the designs as they evolve.  And users will experience more usable, easier to learn interfaces.


Six participants per user group are usually sufficient to identify most usability problems.  Usability professionals have written at length about the minimum number of participants per group.  Some argue five to identify 85% of usability problems.  Others argue that more participants are needed when the usability problems affect a smaller percentage of users.  The debate seems endless.  Six participants per user group as an affordable yet effective compromise for most situations.



"Deal with the world the way it is, not the way you wish it was." John Chambers
"We need some ability which allows us to envision the objective from afar, and this ability is intuition." Henri Poincare
"In order to have judgment, you have to have knowledge and experience." - Nancy Pelosi (D, California)
"If you're building a product or delivering a service that solves a real problem, you can do well and grow fast." Marina Hatsopoulos
"You already know the answers. You just don't want to hear them from yourself." - Sunny Vanderbeck
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