Everyone wants Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. Yet, the adoption rate in the U.S. is very low. 17% of physicians have EMRs; only 4% actually use them. Clearly, physicians have a real problem using EMRs.

Having worked with with physicians and administrators we've learned that improving adoption rates requires understanding the skills and needs of physicians within a clinic. Out-of-the-box solutions rarely work in such personalized environments. Customize functionality and user interfaces are becoming the norm in a quality EMR implementation.

Fairfield Professionals is a boutique consulting firm specializing in the food safety, consumer products and healthcare industries. Fairfield's services include business intelligence, user experience research and design, product management, project management, process improvement and software selection and implementation.

Business Intelligence

Business data organized, analyzed, and presented strategically helping managers to make intelligent decisions faster.

User Experience Design

Making computer interfaces easy-to-use and fast to learn.  Reducing costs, speeding adoption and increasing conversion rates.

Product Management

Building and marketing technology products that people love supported by market and data driven organization and processes.

Project Management

Initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of a team to achieve specific goals within given constraints.

Process Improvement

Reducing costs and preparing for growth by identifying and implementing blue collar and white collar improvements.

Selection & Implementation

Needs analysis through roll-out. ERP, warehouse, order processing, order entry, fulfillment, retail, merchandising.

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